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Southern IJS 2012

Lee Valley Ice Centre, London
GBR Great Britain

12 - 14 Mar, 2012

Best elements
Short programFree skating
Senior men1GBR Steven WHITE34.711details65.271details99.98
Senior ladies1GBR Kelly HARRISON26.011details58.611details84.62
2GBR Frances HOWELL25.732details57.052details82.78
3GBR Lauren BARNES23.683details33.723details57.40
Junior men1GBR Harry ANDREWS34.901details53.331details88.23
Junior ladies1GBR Kristen SPOURS31.243details55.851details87.09
2GBR Maxine YU31.862details53.002details84.86
3GBR Amani FANCY33.591details49.756details83.34
Advanced novice boys1GBR Christopher BLAND19.444details44.241details63.68
2GBR Aarron LEE23.031details39.272details62.30
3GBR Oliver PARRINGTON-TYLER21.803details32.763details54.56
Advanced novice girls1GBR Danielle HARRISON24.343details40.921details65.26
2GBR Michaela DU TOIT25.491details36.232details61.72
3GBR Harriet BEATSON23.424details32.864details56.28
Level 7 boys1GBR Jack WAKELIN25.631details
2GBR Sam TUDGAY23.502details
Level 7 girls1GBR Serena HOWARD33.261details
2GBR Charlie Kaye ANDERSON30.562details
3GBR Grace BOLAND30.173details
Level 6 boys1GBR Samuel MCALLISTER33.491details
2GBR Christopher PATTENDEN28.752details
Level 6 girls1GBR Sophie WARING27.411details
2GBR Sophia NASSER26.312details
3GBR Sarah WAKEFIELD25.543details
Level 5 boys1GBR James MELVILLE28.521details
2GBR Jacob PAYNE27.722details
3GBR Harvey CLARKE19.503details
Level 5 girls1GBR Anna Victoria LITVINENKO39.801details
2GBR Amelia PAUL29.522details
3GBR Bethany ARMITAGE26.983details
Level 4 boys1GBR Liam WELSH25.681details
2GBR Isaac SHORTLAND21.712details
3GBR Taurean GUSTAVE-VALTON18.423details
Level 4 girls1GBR Sophie JONES29.031details
2GBR Sian BETTRIDGE24.892details
3GBR Catriona HOWARD24.733details
Level 3 boys1GBR Caine Harry JERONE26.411details
2GBR Eron Lee WESTWOOD22.332details
3GBR Matiss IPPOLITO21.013details
Level 3 girls1GBR Amy WORLD27.261details
2GBR Ella CLOW22.182details
3GBR Natasha GADSDON20.913details
Level 2 boys1GBR Shailesh BUCKLEY22.841details
2GBR Bradley GARLINGTON16.732details
Level 2 girls1GBR Kaili TYE24.201details
2GBR Laura HETHERINGTON19.862details
3GBR Shola-Marie RAY19.613details
Level 1 boys1GBR Lewis KENNEDY19.371details
2GBR Keaton DEKKER17.292details
3GBR Robert BEALE15.523details
Level 1 girls1GBR Rei YOSHIMOTO16.981details
2GBR Sophie KAUER16.792details
3GBR Elena KOMOVA16.703details