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Guildford Open 2017

Guildford Spectrum, Guildford
GBR Great Britain

22 - 25 May, 2017

Best elements
Short programFree skating
Senior ladies1GBR Bryony CORRIGAN-RATTRAY32.452details70.141details102.59
2GBR Bethan WHITEMAN32.861details55.842details88.70
Junior men1GBR Christopher PATTENDEN35.761details51.981details87.74
2GBR Sam TUDGAY30.072details30.07
Junior ladies1GBR Harriet BEATSON29.053details59.341details88.39
2GBR Lowri Anwen JONES28.405details58.752details87.15
3GBR Abbie FORMAN28.794details48.693details77.48
Advanced novice boys1GBR Edward APPLEBY31.171details54.501details85.67
2GBR Elliot APPLEBY27.832details47.812details75.64
3GBR Joseph ZAKIPOUR15.904details43.063details58.96
Advanced novice girls1GBR Amy MORRIS27.531details48.001details75.53
2GBR Lilly WILLIAMS-HOWELL24.995details45.522details70.51
3GBR Halah THOMAS24.706details45.393details70.09
Basic novice B boys1GBR Pelham WRIGHT32.661details
2GBR Daniel GALLOWAY31.822details
3GBR Shailesh BUCKLEY30.273details
Basic novice B girls1GBR Abigail STEWART32.521details
2GBR Lucy WARD31.962details
3GBR Parisa AGAHI29.513details
Basic novice A boys1GBR Kyle MCLEOD33.331details
2GBR Daniel KAYE32.812details
3GBR Jack HOOKEY28.393details
Basic novice A girls1GBR Taylor Zanre WILSON29.651details
2GBR Lulu ABIRI24.952details
3GBR Chanel MOSELEY24.853details
Level 5 girls 11GBR Charli GILLARD26.111details
2GBR Shianne WARD23.252details
3GBR Emma WATT22.623details
Level 5 girls 21GBR Aoife Louise STEVENSON32.731details
2GBR Sarah LAI32.102details
3GBR Talulla TYSOE30.563details
Level 4 boys1GBR Solomon WILLIAMSON21.471details
2GBR Alex LAPSKY20.532details
3GBR Douglas GOULD20.133details
Level 4 girls 11GBR Neamh Nicole DAVISON23.671details
2GBR Rachel MIDDLETON20.982details
3GBR Kiki TOKATLY19.993details
Level 4 girls 21GBR Sophia SMITH24.891details
2GBR Lorena CROSSMAN24.832details
3GBR Amelia STEPHENSON22.173details
Level 3 boys1GBR Alessio SURENKOV-GULTCHEV19.541details
2GBR Freddie LEGGOTT18.722details
3GBR Jack DONOVAN17.153details
Level 3 girls 11GBR Kiah WHIELDON20.151details
2GBR Charlotte FEARNHEAD-CLARK19.012details
3GBR Mia WILSON18.233details
Level 3 girls 21GBR Lois HOULIHAN23.701details
2GBR Emilia GEVORKIAN22.972details
3GBR Taisia JURESCO21.583details
Level 2 girls 11GBR Grace TAYLOR17.031details
2GBR Lois COLLINS16.552details
3GBR Nicole ABEL16.053details
Level 2 girls 21GBR Lia WILSON19.451details
2GBR Lillie PANG19.202details
3GBR Grace FITZPATRICK16.603details
Beginner girls 11GBR Monica SZYPULA14.091details
2GBR Eloise BAZIN12.242details
3GBR Miran MARUTANI11.783details
Beginner girls 21GBR Klaudia KACZMARCZYK13.731details
2GBR Hannah CREEK11.872details
3GBR Ruby Mae KILROY11.153details
Beginner girls 41GBR Summer SNAITH16.861details
2GBR Chloe Jane KIDSON15.322details
3GBR Imogen LATTER11.833details