CAN Canada
1Skate Canada 2019Kelowna2019-10-24Specialist (Senior ice dance)
2Finlandia Trophy 2019Espoo2019-10-11Assistant (Senior ice dance)
3U.S. International Figure Skating Classic 2019Salt Lake City2019-09-19Assistant (Senior ice dance)
42019 U.S. Challenge SkateSalt Lake City2019-09-19Specialist (Junior ice dance)
5Four Continents Championships 2019Anaheim2019-02-05Specialist (Senior ice dance)
6Skate America 2018Everett2018-10-19Specialist (Senior ice dance)
7World Championship 2018Milano2018-03-19Specialist (Senior ice dance)
8Internationaux de France de Patinage 2017Grenoble2017-11-17Specialist (Senior ice dance)
9JGP Egna 2017Egna2017-10-11Specialist (Junior ice dance)
10Finlandia Trophy 2017Espoo2017-10-06Specialist (Senior ice dance)
11Skate Canada Autumn Classic 2017Montreal2017-09-20Specialist (Senior ice dance)
12Grand Prix and Junior Grand Prix FinalMarseille2016-12-07Specialist (Senior ice dance, Junior ice dance)
13Nebelhorn Trophy 2016Oberstdorf2016-09-23Specialist (Senior ice dance)
14European Championship 2016Bratislava2016-01-25Specialist (Senior ice dance)
15Tropheé Eric Bompard 2015Bordeaux2015-11-12Specialist (Senior ice dance)
16Finlandia Trophy 2015Espoo2015-10-08Specialist (Senior ice dance)
17JGP Torun 2015Torun2015-09-09Specialist (Junior ice dance)
18World Junior Championship 2015Tallinn2015-03-02Specialist (Junior ice dance)
19Grand Prix and Junior Grand Prix Final 2014Barcelona2014-12-10Specialist (Senior ice dance, Junior ice dance)
20JGP Tallinn Cup 2014Tallinn2014-09-24Specialist (Junior ice dance)
21European Championship 2014Budapest2014-01-13Specialist (Senior ice dance)
22Skate America 2013Detroit2013-10-17Specialist (Senior ice dance)
23JGP Czech Skate 2013Ostrava2013-10-02Specialist (Junior ice dance)
24World Championship 2013London2013-03-11Specialist (Senior ice dance)
25Grand Prix and Junior Grand Prix Final 2012Sochi2012-12-06Assistant (Senior ice dance, Junior ice dance)
26Nebelhorn Trophy 2012Oberstdorf2012-09-26Specialist (Senior ice dance)
27World Team Trophy 2012Tokyo2012-04-18Specialist (Senior ice dance)
28World Championship 2012Nice2012-03-26Specialist (Senior ice dance)
29Finlandia Trophy 2011Vantaa2011-10-07Assistant (Senior ice dance)
30Nebelhorn Trophy 2011Oberstdorf2011-09-22Specialist (Senior ice dance)
31JGP Baltic Cup 2011Gdansk2011-09-14Specialist (Junior ice dance)
32Grand Prix and Junior Grand Prix Final 2010Beijing2010-12-08Specialist (Senior ice dance, Junior ice dance)
33JGP Cup of Austria 2010Graz2010-09-16Specialist (Junior ice dance)
34Grand Prix and Junior Grand Prix Final 2008Goyang City2008-12-10Specialist (Senior ice dance, Junior ice dance)
35Grand Prix Final 2007Torino2007-12-13Specialist (Senior ice dance)
36Grand Prix Final 2005Tokyo2005-12-16Specialist (Senior ice dance)
Assistant (Senior ice dance)