William S. SMITH

1U.S. Championships 2018San Jose2017-12-28Judge (Junior men)
2Midwestern Sectional Championships 2018Bloomington2017-11-15Judge (Senior men, Junior men, Novice boys, Intermediate men, Intermediate ladies, Juvenile boys)
3Eastern Great Lakes Regional Championships 2018Antioch2017-10-18Judge (Senior ladies, Junior ladies, Novice girls, Novice boys, Intermediate men, Intermediate ladies 2, Intermediate ladies 4, Intermediate ladies 1, Juvenile girls 1, Juvenile girls 4, Juvenile boys)
4U.S. International Figure Skating Classic 2015Salt Lake City2015-09-19Judge (Senior ladies)
52015 U.S. Challenge SkateSalt Lake City2015-09-17Judge (Junior men, Junior ladies, Novice girls, Novice boys)
6U.S. Championships 2015Greensboro2015-01-17Judge (Senior men, Junior ladies)
7Skate Canada 2014Kelowna2014-10-30Judge (Senior ladies, Senior men)
8Skate America 2013Detroit2013-10-17Judge (Senior men)
9Southwestern Regional Championships 2014Grapevine2013-10-12Judge (Senior ladies, Junior ladies, Novice girls 2, Intermediate men, Intermediate ladies 1, Intermediate ladies 4, Juvenile girls 2, Juvenile girls 4)
10Four Continents Championships 2012Colorado Springs2012-02-07Referee (Senior men)
11Youth Olympics 2012Innsbruck2012-01-14Judge (Junior ladies)
12Cup of China 2011Shanghai2011-11-03Judge (Senior ladies, Senior men)
13U.S. Championships 2011Greensboro2011-01-22Judge (Senior ladies, Junior ladies, Novice boys)
14Skate America 2010Portland Oregon2010-11-11Referee (Senior ladies, Senior men)
15Grand Prix and Junior Grand Prix Final 2009Tokyo2009-12-02Referee (Senior ladies, Junior ladies)
16Skate America 2009Lake Placid2009-11-12Referee (Senior ladies)
17Southwestern Regional Championships 2010Grapevine2009-10-09Judge (Senior ladies, Junior ladies, Junior men, Novice girls 4, Novice boys, Intermediate men, Intermediate ladies 2, Juvenile girls 1, Juvenile boys, Juvenile girls 3)
18JGP Lake Placid 2009Lake Placid2009-09-02Judge (Junior ladies)
19Cup of Russia 2008Moscow2008-11-20Judge (Senior ladies, Senior men)
20Skate America 2008Everett2008-10-23Referee (Senior men)
21U.S. Championships 2008St. Paul2008-01-20Judge (Senior men, Novice girls)
22Trophée Eric Bompard 2007Paris2007-11-15Judge (Senior ladies, Senior men)
23Skate America 2007Reading2007-10-25Judge (Senior ladies)
24Eastern Great Lakes Regional Championships 2008Louisville2007-10-01Referee (Junior ladies 3, Novice girls 1, Juvenile girls 5)
Judge (Senior ladies 1, Senior ladies 3, Junior men, Novice girls 2, Novice girls 4, Novice girls 1, Novice boys, Intermediate ladies 5, Intermediate ladies 3, Intermediate ladies 7, Intermediate men, Intermediate ladies 1, Juvenile girls 3)
25Four Continents Championships 2007Colorado Springs2007-02-07Referee (Senior men)
26Junior Grand Prix Final 2006Sofia2006-12-07Judge (Junior men)
27NHK Trophy 2005Osaka2005-12-01Judge (Senior men)