Veronique FLEURY

FRA France
1Challenge Cup 2021Den Haag2021-02-26Specialist (Senior pairs)
2French Championships 2020Vaujany2021-02-05Specialist (Senior ladies, Senior pairs)
Assistant (Senior men)
3Four Continents Championships 2020Seoul2020-02-04Specialist (Senior pairs)
4Finlandia Trophy 2019Espoo2019-10-11Specialist (Senior men)
5U.S. International Figure Skating Classic 2019Salt Lake City2019-09-19Specialist (Senior pairs)
62019 U.S. Challenge SkateSalt Lake City2019-09-19Specialist (Junior men, Novice boys)
Assistant (Junior ladies, Novice pairs)
7JGP Lake Placid 2019Lake Placid2019-08-28Specialist (Junior pairs)
8NRW Summer Trophy 2019Dortmund2019-08-09Specialist (Junior ladies, Junior men)
9Mentor Torun Cup 2019Torun2019-01-08Specialist (Senior men, Gold boys, Gold girls)
Assistant (Junior men)
10French Championships 2018Vaujany2018-12-13Specialist (Senior men, Senior pairs)
Assistant (Senior ladies)
11Skate America 2018Everett2018-10-19Assistant (Senior pairs)
12U.S. International Figure Skating Classic 2018Salt Lake City2018-09-13Specialist (Senior pairs)
132018 U.S. Challenge SkateSalt Lake City2018-09-13Specialist (Novice girls)
Assistant (Junior men, Junior ladies, Novice pairs)
1410th Rooster cupCourbevoie2018-04-20Specialist (Advanced novice girls)
Assistant (Advanced novice boys, Cubs girls, Chicks boys)
15European Championship 2018Moscow2018-01-15Assistant (Senior men)
16Skate America 2017Lake Placid2017-11-24Specialist (Senior pairs)
17Finlandia Trophy 2017Espoo2017-10-06Assistant (Senior men)
18Four Continents Championships 2017Gangneung2017-02-14Assistant (Senior pairs)
19Mentor Torun Cup 2017Torun2017-01-10Specialist (Senior men, Senior ladies)
20NHK Trophy 2016Sapporo2016-11-25Specialist (Senior pairs)
21Belgian Championships 2017Lommel2016-11-18Specialist (Junior ladies, Advanced novice girls, Basic novice B boys)
Assistant (Senior ladies, Senior men, Junior men, Basic novice B girls, Basic novice A girls)
22U.S. International Figure Skating Classic 2016Salt Lake City2016-09-15Specialist (Senior pairs)
232016 U.S. Challenge SkateSalt Lake City2016-09-15Specialist (Junior ladies)
Assistant (Junior men)
24World Championship 2016Boston2016-03-26Specialist (Senior pairs)
25Cup of Tyrol 2016Innsbruck2016-03-09Assistant (Senior ladies)
26Mentor Nestle Nesquik Torun Cup 2016Torun2016-01-06Specialist (Senior men)
27French Championships 2015Epinal2015-12-17Specialist (Senior men)
Assistant (Senior ladies)
28NRW Trophy 2015Dortmund2015-11-24Specialist (Junior ladies)
Assistant (Senior ladies)
29Skate America 2015Milwaukee, Wisconsin2015-10-22Assistant (Senior pairs)
30Cup of Nice 2015Nice2015-10-15Specialist (Senior pairs)
Assistant (Senior men)
31U.S. International Figure Skating Classic 2015Salt Lake City2015-09-19Specialist (Senior pairs)
322015 U.S. Challenge SkateSalt Lake City2015-09-17Specialist (Junior men)
Assistant (Novice girls)
33World Team Trophy 2015Tokyo2015-04-16Specialist (Senior pairs)
34Skate Malmö 2015Malmö2015-03-13Specialist (Junior ladies, Advanced novice girls 2, Cubs girls)
Assistant (Senior ladies, Advanced novice boys)
35French Junior Championships 2015Lyon2015-02-20Specialist (Junior men, Junior ladies)
Assistant (Junior ladies)
36French Championships 2014Megève2014-12-18Specialist (Senior ladies)
Assistant (Senior men)
37NRW Trophy 2014Dortmund2014-11-25Specialist (Junior ladies)
Assistant (Advanced novice boys, Basic novice A boys)
38Cup of China 2014Shanghai2014-11-06Assistant (Senior pairs)
392014 U.S. Challenge SkateSalt Lake City2014-09-11Specialist (Novice boys)
40U.S. International Figure Skating Classic 2014Salt Lake City2014-09-10Assistant (Senior pairs)
41World Championship 2014Saitama2014-03-24Assistant (Senior pairs)
42Challenge Cup 2014Den Haag2014-03-06Assistant (Senior ladies, Junior men)
43Austrian Championships 2014Salzburg2013-12-18Specialist (Senior ladies, Junior men, Junior ladies, Advanced novice girls, Advanced novice boys, Basic novice A boys, Basic novice A girls)
Assistant (Senior men)
44NRW Trophy 2013Dortmund2013-12-04Specialist (Basic novice A girls)
Assistant (Junior men)
45Cup of Russia 2013Moscow2013-11-22Assistant (Senior pairs)
46JGP Minsk 2013Minsk2013-09-25Assistant (Junior pairs)
472013 U.S. Challenge SkateSalt Lake City2013-09-12Assistant (Novice girls)
48U.S. International Figure Skating Classic 2013Salt Lake City2013-09-11Specialist (Senior pairs)
49Skate Down Under 2013Sydney2013-08-20Specialist (Junior ladies, Junior men)
Assistant (Senior ladies, Senior men, Advanced novice girls, Advanced novice boys)
5023rd Gardena Spring TrophySelva Val Gardena2013-04-02Specialist (Senior men, Advanced novice girls)
Assistant (Junior men)
51Challenge Cup 2013Den Haag2013-02-21Specialist (Senior men)
Assistant (Advanced novice girls, Debs boys, Debs girls)
52European Championship 2013Zagreb2013-01-23Specialist (Senior pairs)
53Mentor Nestle Nesquik Torun Cup 2013Torun2013-01-10Specialist (Junior men, Junior ladies, Advanced novice girls, Advanced novice boys)
54NRW Trophy 2012Dortmund2012-12-04Assistant (Senior men, Advanced novice boys)
55Skate America 2012Seattle2012-10-19Assistant (Senior pairs)
56Nebelhorn Trophy 2012Oberstdorf2012-09-26Specialist (Senior pairs)
Assistant (Senior ladies)
57World Championship 2012Nice2012-03-26Assistant (Senior pairs)
58Challenge Cup 2012Den Haag2012-03-08Specialist (Senior ladies, Debs boys)
Assistant (Junior men, Advanced novice boys)
59Mentor Nestle Nesquik Torun Cup 2012Torun2012-01-04Specialist (Junior men)
Assistant (Junior ladies)
60French Championships 2011Dammarie lès Lys2011-12-16Specialist (Senior men, Senior ladies)
61Ice Challenge 2011Graz2011-11-01Specialist (Senior men)
62Skate America 2011Ontario2011-10-20Specialist (Senior pairs)
63Lombardia Trophy 2011Milano2011-09-22Specialist (Senior ladies, Senior men, Senior pairs, Junior pairs)
Assistant (Junior men)
64European Championship 2011Bern2011-01-24Specialist (Senior pairs)
65Mentor Nestle Nesquik Torun Cup 2011Torun2011-01-06Specialist (Advanced novice boys, Advanced novice girls)
66NHK Trophy 2010Nagoya2010-10-21Specialist (Senior pairs)
67JGP Czech Skate 2010Ostrava2010-10-13Specialist (Junior pairs)
68World Championship 2010Torino2010-03-23Specialist (Senior pairs)
69European Championship 2010Tallinn2010-01-18Assistant (Senior pairs)
70Cup of China 2009Beijing2009-10-29Assistant (Senior pairs)
71Skate Canada 2008Ottawa2008-10-30Assistant (Senior pairs)
72Cup of Nice 2006Nice2006-10-09Specialist (Senior pairs)