CAN Canada
1Cup of China 2019Chongqing2019-11-07Specialist (Senior men)
Assistant (Senior ladies)
2Reykjavík International Games 2019Reykjavík2019-02-01Assistant (Senior ladies)
3Reykjavík International Games 2019 InterclubReykjavík2019-02-01Assistant (Junior ladies)
4Reykjavík International Games 2019Reykjavík2019-02-01Specialist (Advanced novice girls)
Assistant (Junior men)
5Reykjavík International Games 2019 InterclubReykjavík2019-02-01Assistant (Intermediate novice girls, Basic novice girls)
6JGP Richmond 2018Richmond2018-09-12Specialist (Junior men)
7NHK Trophy 2017Osaka2017-11-10Specialist (Senior men)
Assistant (Senior ladies)
8Skate Canada Autumn Classic 2017Montreal2017-09-20Specialist (Senior men)
9Skate Canada Autumn Classic Junior 2017Montreal2017-09-20Assistant (Junior men)
10Grand Prix and Junior Grand Prix FinalMarseille2016-12-07Specialist (Senior ladies, Junior ladies)
11Grand Prix and Junior Grand Prix Final 2015Barcelona2015-12-09Assistant (Senior ladies, Junior ladies)
12World Championship 2015Shanghai2015-03-23Assistant (Senior men)
13JGP Croatia Cup 2014Zagreb2014-10-08Assistant (Junior ladies)
14JGP Lake Placid 2012Lake Placid2012-08-29Specialist (Junior ladies)
15JGP Brasov Cup 2011Brasov2011-09-21Assistant (Junior men)