Maikel Michael MOSHAIEV

Ice Holon (HOL)
ISR Israel

Best elements
1Open Ice Mall Cup 2019Eilat2019-02-20Intermediate novice39.842details
2Sofia Trophy Interclub 2019Sofia2019-02-05Intermediate novice38.022details
337th Volvo Open CupRiga2018-11-06Intermediate novice36.072details
4Open Ice Mall Cup 2018 Non ISUEilat2018-01-31Basic novice A30.621details
511th Santa Claus CupBudapest2017-12-04Basic novice A24.797details
634th Volvo Open CupRiga2017-11-08Basic novice A28.283details
734th Volvo Open Cup YoungstersRiga2017-11-08Springs29.401details
8Open Ice Mall Cup 2017Eilat2017-02-23Springs29.322details
931st Volvo Open CupRiga2016-11-09Cubs22.042details
1028th Volvo Open CupRiga2015-11-04Cubs11.953details

Is the name of the skater incorrectly spelled?