Han Wan CHAU

HKG Hong Kong

Best elements
1Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy 2019Dongguan2019-11-01Intermediate novice33.535details
2Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy 2018Bangkok2018-08-01Basic novice32.534details
3Hong Kong Championships 2018Hong Kong2018-04-24Basic novice A32.861details
4Asian Junior Figure Skating Challenge 2017Hong Kong2017-09-09Basic novice A31.061details
5Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy 2017Hong Kong2017-08-05Basic novice A26.783video
6Hong Kong Championships 2017Hong Kong2017-04-25Basic novice A28.791details
7Asian Junior Figure Skating Challenge HKG 2016Hong Kong2016-10-03Pre-novice20.643details
8Asian Junior Figure Skating Challenge Shenzhen 2015Shenzhen2015-04-03Pre-novice21.771details

Is the name of the skater incorrectly spelled?