Anastasija SALOGUB

Speigas (SPE)
LTU Lithuania

Best elements
1Kaunas Ice Winter Cup 2020Kaunas2020-02-22Junior23.056video
2Kaunas Ice Spring Cup 2018Kaunas2018-04-06Basic novice B19.453details
3Kaunas Ice Winter Cup 2018Kaunas2018-02-09Basic novice B18.033details
4Kaunas Ice Christmas Cup 2017Kaunas2017-12-16Basic novice B16.262details
5Jelgava Winter Cup 2017Jelgava2017-12-09Basic novice B15.973details
6Mini Europa 2013Warsaw2013-05-01Springs9.0424details

Is the name of the skater incorrectly spelled?