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Dundee Open 2016

Dundee Ice Arena, Dundee
GBR Great Britain

4 - 7 Aug, 2016

Best elements
Short programFree skating
Senior ladies1GBR Karly ROBERTSON49.501details78.432details127.93
2GBR Katie POWELL39.624details81.281details120.90
3GBR Danielle HARRISON46.162details67.836details113.99
Junior men1GBR James HORROCKS35.431details95.241details130.67
2GBR Luke DIGBY30.952details94.232details125.18
3GBR Myles STORRIER26.133details60.173details86.30
Junior ladies1GBR Lucy MERRILEES32.741details66.281details99.02
2GBR Lydia SMART29.842details58.302details88.14
3GBR Sylvhanna HORNE27.464details52.293details79.75
Advanced novice girls1GBR Emilia DRURY26.811details47.901details74.71
2GBR Christie SHANNON25.442details45.102details70.54
3GBR Emily SPRATT23.273details39.583details62.85
Level 7 boys1GBR Andrew FLEMING31.411details
Level 7 girls1GBR Louise FALCONER38.911details
2GBR Christie SHANNON36.592details
3GBR Megan CARROLL36.363details
Level 6 girls1GBR Ava MCLEAN31.421details
2GBR Ariana MOORE29.032details
3GBR Jenni KERR28.443details
Level 5 boys1GBR Kyle MCLEOD25.121details
2GBR Peter SHIELDS23.662details
3GBR Hayden BELL20.433details
Level 5 girls1GBR Cara MCCABE29.681details
2GBR Emily DALE29.352details
3GBR Taylor MCLEOD28.773details
Level 4 boys1GBR Luke MCCALLUM17.781details
2GBR Owen LOCKHART16.532details
3GBR Finley THOMSON13.563details
Level 4 girls1GBR Danniella MCCORMICK25.921details
2GBR Lucy FINDLAY25.342details
3GBR Mia JOHNSTONE23.733details
Level 3 boys1GBR Ben GILMOUR22.661details
2GBR Jacob CASEY22.572details
3GBR Billy MAIR16.483details
Level 3 girls1GBR Lauren FLEMING24.861details
2GBR Rebecca ALLAN23.782details
3GBR Zofia BENGSCH22.903details
Level 2 boys1GBR Elliot MCCOLGAN18.101details
Level 2 girls1GBR Charlotte WRIGHT21.691details
2GBR Eva Rose LOUDON20.922details
3GBR Ellyn ALIX SMITH20.343details
Level 1 boys1GBR Alexander WILSON15.631details
2GBR Donald HUTTON13.572details
3GBR Kiernan O'SHEA12.333details
Level 1 girls 11GBR Holly SHENTON18.101details
2GBR Sophie ALEXANDER16.962details
3GBR Nicola MCDEVITT16.873details
Level 1 girls 21GBR Natasha MORRISON18.241details
2GBR Rachael STEWART17.282details
3GBR Emily LAWSON16.953details
Beginner boys1GBR Joel CRAWFORD9.561details
2GBR Jim PARKINSON7.762details
Beginner girls 11GBR Lia WILSON16.611details
2GBR Skye LATHAM13.562details
3GBR Kaela LATHAM11.083details
Beginner girls 21GBR Georgia HILLMAN15.481details
2GBR Keira HAAZEN15.322details
3GBR Isla MCLEOD14.663details
Beginner girls 31GBR Philippa ADAMS15.601details
2GBR Amy MORRISON13.932details
3GBR Millie ROWAN13.863details
Beginner girls 41GBR Carly MOSSIE15.861details
2GBR Cara PATON14.132details
3GBR Poppy STRACHAN13.073details
Beginner girls 51GBR Megan MACALISTER17.161details
2GBR Kloe MCNEIL16.692details
3GBR Beckie FAIRWEATHER16.183details
Beginner girls 61GBR Samantha WYNN14.961details
2GBR Lucy PEASLEY14.832details
3GBR Emily KING14.563details