CAN Canada
1Four Continents Championships 2018Taipei City2018-01-22Judge (Senior ladies)
2Warsaw Cup 2017Warsaw2017-11-16Judge (Senior men)
3NHK Trophy 2016Sapporo2016-11-25Judge (Senior ladies)
4Nebelhorn Trophy 2016Oberstdorf2016-09-23Judge (Senior men)
5Coupe du Printemps 2016Luxembourg2016-03-11Judge (Senior ladies, Junior men, Advanced novice girls, Basic novice A girls)
6Cup of Russia 2015Moscow2015-11-19Judge (Senior ladies)
7Cup of China 2014Shanghai2014-11-06Judge (Senior ladies)
8JGP Baltic Cup 2013Gdansk2013-09-18Judge (Junior ladies)
9JGP SloveniaBled2012-09-26Judge (Junior men)
10JGP Austria 2011Innsbruck2011-09-28Judge (Junior men)
11JGP SBC CupKaruizawa2010-09-24Judge (Junior ladies)