Sabrina MARTIN

Club Pattinaggio Bellinzona (BLZ)
SUI Switzerland
1Genva Ice Cup 2018Genève2018-04-12Specialist (Cubs boys, Chicks boys)
Assistant (Cubs girls 1, Chicks girls 1)
222nd Cup of NiceNice2017-10-11Specialist (Senior ladies, Junior ladies)
Assistant (Junior men)
3Skate Southern International 2017London2017-09-25Specialist (Basic novice B girls 1, Basic novice A girls 2, Level 3 girls 2, Level 3 girls 1)
Assistant (Senior men, Junior men, Advanced novice girls 1, Advanced novice boys 1, Advanced novice girls 2, Advanced novice boys 2, Basic novice B boys 1, Basic novice B boys 2, Beginner boys, Beginner girls 2, Beginner girls 3)
4Swiss Championships 2017Luzern2016-12-15Specialist (Senior men)
Assistant (Senior ladies)
521st Cup of NiceNice2016-10-19Specialist (Senior ladies, Junior men)
6Skate Southern International 2016London2016-09-26Specialist (Advanced novice boys 2, Basic novice B girls 2, Basic novice A boys 1, Basic novice A girls 4, Basic novice A boys 2, Basic novice A girls 1)
Assistant (Junior men, Junior ladies, Advanced novice girls 2, Basic novice B girls 3, Basic novice B girls 1, Basic novice A girls 2, Level 3 boys, Level 2 girls, Level 2 boys, Level 1 boys, Level 1 girls 2, Beginner boys)
7Swiss Championships 2016Lausanne2015-12-11Assistant (Senior ladies)
816th Open d'AndorraCanillo2015-11-19Specialist (Junior men, Junior ladies)
Assistant (Senior men, Senior ladies, Advanced novice boys, Advanced novice girls)
920th Cup of NiceNice2015-10-15Assistant (Senior ladies, Junior men)
1019th Cup of NiceNice2014-10-15Specialist (Junior men)
Assistant (Senior ladies)
11Lombardia Trophy 2014Sesto San Giovanni, Milano2014-09-18Specialist (Advanced novice boys, Advanced novice girls)
Assistant (Senior men)
126th Rooster cupCourbevoie2014-04-24Specialist (Advanced novice boys, Cubs boys, Chicks boys)
Assistant (Basic novice A girls, Basic novice A boys, Chicks girls)
13Swiss Championships 2014La Chaux-de-Fond2013-12-05Assistant (Senior men, Senior ladies)
14Cup of Nice 2013Nice2013-10-23Specialist (Junior men)
Assistant (Senior men)
15Swiss Youth Championships 2013Herisau2013-02-08Specialist (Novice U13 boys, Pre-novice girls)
16Swiss Championships 2013Genève2012-12-13Assistant (Senior ladies)
17Cup of Nice 2012Nice2012-10-24Specialist (Junior ladies)
Assistant (Senior men)
184th Rooster cupCourbevoie2012-04-26Specialist (Chicks boys)
Assistant (Basic novice A boys, Basic novice A girls, Cubs boys, Chicks girls)
19Bavarian Open 2012Oberstdorf2012-02-01Specialist (Junior ladies 2, Advanced novice boys)
Assistant (Senior men)
20Swiss Novice Championships 2010Basel2010-01-22Specialist (Novice U14 girls)
Assistant (Novice U15 boys)
21Swiss Youth Championships 2009Biasca2009-02-08Assistant (Novice U13 boys, Novice U13 girls)
22Swiss Novice Championships 2009Thônex2009-01-23Specialist (Novice U15 boys)
Assistant (Novice U15 girls)