Didier HIGEL

FRA France
1Master's de Patinage 2021Epinal2021-09-30Judge (Senior ladies, Senior men, Senior pairs, Junior men, Junior ladies, Junior pairs)
2JGP Kosice 2021Kosice2021-09-01Judge (Junior ladies)
3JGP Riga 2019Riga2019-09-04Judge (Junior men)
4Winter Universiade 2019Krasnoyarsk2019-03-02Judge (Senior men, Senior pairs)
510th Rooster cupCourbevoie2018-04-20Judge (Pre-novice boys, Pre-novice girls, Cubs boys, Chicks boys, Chicks girls)
6French Junior Championships 2018Bercy2018-02-23Judge (Junior men, Junior ladies)
7JGP Egna 2017Egna2017-10-11Judge (Junior men)
89th Rooster cupCourbevoie2017-04-14Judge (Pre-novice girls, Cubs girls, Chicks girls)
9Master's de Patinage 2016Villard-de-Lans2016-10-06Judge (Senior men, Senior ladies, Junior men, Junior ladies)
10JGP Ljubljana Cup 2016Ljubljana2016-09-21Judge (Junior men)
118th Rooster cupCourbevoie2016-04-22Judge (Advanced novice boys, Pre-novice girls, Pre-novice boys, Cubs boys, Chicks boys, Chicks girls)
12French Championships 2015Epinal2015-12-17Judge (Senior ladies)
13Cup of Nice 2015Nice2015-10-15Judge (Junior men, Junior ladies)
14Master's de Patinage 2015Orléans2015-10-08Judge (Senior ladies, Senior men, Junior men, Junior ladies)
157th Rooster cupCourbevoie2015-04-24Judge (Advanced novice boys, Advanced novice girls, Basic novice A boys, Cubs boys)
16French Championships 2014Megève2014-12-18Judge (Senior ladies, Senior men)
17JGP Tallinn Cup 2014Tallinn2014-09-24Judge (Junior ladies)
186th Rooster cupCourbevoie2014-04-24Judge (Advanced novice boys, Basic novice A girls, Cubs girls, Chicks girls, Chicks boys)
19French Youth Championships 2014Charleville2014-03-29Judge (Basic boys, Basic girls, Chicks boys, Chicks girls, Silver girls, Silver boys, Bronze girls, Bronze boys)
20French Junior Championships 2014Wasquehal2014-02-28Judge (Junior ladies, Junior men)
21Master's de Patinage 2013Orléans2013-10-03Judge (Senior men, Senior ladies, Junior men, Junior ladies)
225th Rooster cupCourbevoie2013-04-25Judge (Advanced novice girls, Cubs girls, Chicks boys)
23French Novice Championships 2013Cergy-Pontoise2013-03-23Referee (Novice boys, Novice girls, Pre-novice girls, Pre-novice boys, Juvenile boys, Juvenile girls)
24French Junior Championships 2013Epinal2013-02-15Judge (Junior ladies, Junior men)
25Master's de Patinage 2012Orléans2012-10-04Judge (Senior ladies, Senior men, Junior ladies, Junior men)
264th Rooster cupCourbevoie2012-04-26Judge (Basic novice A boys, Basic novice A girls, Cubs boys, Chicks boys, Chicks girls)
27Coupe du Printemps 2012Luxembourg2012-03-16Judge (Senior ladies, Advanced novice girls)
28French Junior Championships 2012Charleville-Mézières2012-02-24Judge (Junior ladies, Junior men)
29Cup of Nice 2011Nice2011-10-26Judge (Senior ladies, Junior men)
30Master's de Patinage 2011Orléans2011-10-06Judge (Senior ladies, Senior men, Junior men, Junior ladies)
313rd Rooster cupCourbevoie2011-04-28Judge (Advanced novice boys, Basic novice A girls, Cubs boys, Chicks girls, Chicks boys)
32JGP Pokal der Blauen Schwerter 2010Dresden2010-10-06Judge (Junior men)
33Junior Grand Prix Final 2007Gdansk2007-12-06Judge (Junior ladies, Junior men, Junior pairs)
3416. Triglav TrophyJesenice2007-04-18Judge (Senior men, Senior ladies, Junior ladies, Novice girls, Novice boys)
35Winter Universiade 2007Torino2007-01-17Judge (Senior ladies)
36JGP Mexico Cup 2006Mexico City2006-09-12Judge (Junior men, Junior ladies)