CAN Canada
1World Junior Championship 2019Zagreb2019-03-04Judge (Junior ice dance)
2Bavarian Open 2019Oberstdorf2019-02-05Referee (Senior ice dance)
Controller (Junior ice dance)
Judge (Senior ice dance)
3Grand Prix and Junior Grand Prix Final 2018Vancouver2018-12-05Judge (Senior ice dance, Junior ice dance)
4JGP Ostrava 2018Ostrava2018-09-26Referee (Junior pairs)
5Cup of Russia 2017Moscow2017-10-20Judge (Senior ladies, Senior ice dance)
6World Team Trophy 2017Tokyo2017-04-20Judge (Senior ladies)
7Bavarian Open 2017Oberstdorf2017-02-14Referee (Senior men, Junior men, Junior ladies 1, Advanced novice girls 1)
Judge (Senior men, Junior men, Junior ladies 1, Advanced novice boys, Advanced novice girls 1)
8Cup of China 2016Beijing2016-11-18Judge (Senior ladies)
9Skate Canada Autumn Classic Junior 2016Montreal2016-09-29Referee (Junior ladies)
10JGP Cup of Mordovia 2016Saransk2016-09-14Judge (Junior men)
11Kinoshita Group Medal Winners Open 2016Kanagawa2016-01-15Judge (Senior ladies, Senior men)
12Four Continents Championships 2015Seoul2015-02-10Judge (Senior ladies)
13Grand Prix and Junior Grand Prix Final 2013Fukuoka2013-12-04Judge (Senior men, Junior men)
14Grand Prix and Junior Grand Prix Final 2012Sochi2012-12-06Judge (Senior ladies, Junior ladies)
15Rostelecom CupMoscow2011-11-24Judge (Senior ladies)
16Finlandia Trophy 2011Vantaa2011-10-07Judge (Senior men)
17Skate America 2010Portland Oregon2010-11-11Judge (Senior ladies)
18JGP SBC CupKaruizawa2010-09-24Judge (Junior men)
19Four Continents Championships 2010Jeonju2010-01-27Judge (Senior men)
20Cup of Russia 2009Moscow2009-10-22Judge (Senior ladies)
21World Junior Championship 2009Sofia2009-02-22Judge (Junior men)
22Skate America 2008Everett2008-10-23Judge (Senior men)
23JGP Golden LynxGomel2008-10-01Judge (Junior ladies)
24Skate America 2007Reading2007-10-25Judge (Senior men)
25World Junior Championship 2007Oberstdorf2007-02-26Judge (Junior men)
26Trophée Eric Bompard 2006Paris2006-11-17Judge (Senior men)
27Skate America 2006Hartford2006-10-26Judge (Senior ladies)
28JGP Chinese Taipei CupTaipei City2006-10-11Judge (Junior men)