FRA France
1Egna Dance Trophy 2021Egna2021-02-06Specialist (Junior ice dance)
Assistant (Senior ice dance)
2Master's de Patinage 2020Villard-de-Lans2020-10-01Specialist (Junior ice dance)
3Mentor Torun Cup 2020Torun2020-01-07Assistant (Junior ice dance)
4French Championships 2019Dunkerque2019-12-19Assistant (Senior ice dance)
520th Open d'AndorraCanillo2019-11-21Specialist (Senior ice dance)
Assistant (Junior ice dance)
6British Championships 2019 - Qualifier 3Dundee2019-10-07Specialist (Senior ice dance, Junior ice dance)
7Masters de Patinage 2019Villard-de-Lans2019-09-26Specialist (Senior ice dance)
Assistant (Junior ice dance)
8French Junior Championships 2019Viry Chatillon2019-02-22Specialist (Junior ice dance)
9French Championships 2018Vaujany2018-12-13Specialist (Senior ice dance)
10Cup of Russia 2018Moscow2018-11-16Assistant (Senior ice dance)
11Finlandia Trophy 2018Espoo2018-10-05Assistant (Senior ice dance)
12Sheffield IJS 2018Sheffield2018-07-30Specialist (Senior ice dance, Junior ice dance)
13Master's de Patinage 2017Villard-de-Lans2017-09-28Specialist (Senior ice dance)
Assistant (Junior ice dance)
14European Championship 2017Ostrava2017-01-25Assistant (Senior ice dance)
15Trophee de France 2016Paris2016-11-10Assistant (Senior ice dance)
16JGP Bratislava 2015Bratislava2015-08-19Assistant (Junior ice dance)
17JGP Croatia Cup 2014Zagreb2014-10-08Assistant (Junior ice dance)
18Bavarian Open 2014Oberstdorf2014-02-01Specialist (Senior ice dance)
Assistant (Junior ice dance)
19Cup of Nice 2012Nice2012-10-24Assistant (Senior ice dance)