FRA France
1Cup of Russia 2018Moscow2018-11-16Assistant (Senior men)
2Geneva Ice Cup 2018 ISUGenève2018-04-12Specialist (Junior ladies, Advanced novice girls, Basic novice B boys, Basic novice A girls 3)
Assistant (Senior ladies, Advanced novice girls, Basic novice B girls 2, Basic novice A boys, Basic novice A girls 1)
3Geneva Ice Cup 2018Genève2018-04-12Specialist (Cubs girls 1, Chicks girls 1)
Assistant (Cubs girls 2, Chicks girls 2)
4Skate Canada 2017Regina2017-10-27Specialist (Senior ladies)
Assistant (Senior men)
5Edu Sport Trophy 2017Bucharest2017-01-04Specialist (Junior ladies, Basic novice A girls, Basic novice A boys)
Assistant (Senior ladies, Junior men, Advanced novice boys, Advanced novice girls, Basic novice B girls, Cubs boys, Cubs girls, Chicks girls, Chicks boys)
6Skate America 2016Chicago2016-10-21Specialist (Senior men)
Assistant (Senior ladies)
78th Rooster cupCourbevoie2016-04-22Specialist (Advanced novice girls, Advanced novice boys, Cubs girls)
8Four Continents Championships 2016Taipei2016-02-16Assistant (Senior men)
9Olympic Hopes Romania 2016Brasov2016-01-19Specialist (Junior ladies, Basic novice B girls, Basic novice B boys, Basic novice A boys, Basic novice A girls, Cubs boys, Cubs girls, Chicks boys)
Assistant (Junior men, Advanced novice girls, Chicks girls)
10Master's de Patinage 2015Orléans2015-10-08Specialist (Senior men, Senior ladies, Junior ladies, Junior men)
11Nebelhorn Trophy 2015Oberstdorf2015-09-23Specialist (Senior men)
127th Rooster cupCourbevoie2015-04-24Specialist (Advanced novice boys, Cubs boys)
Assistant (Advanced novice girls, Basic novice A boys)
13World Junior Championship 2015Tallinn2015-03-02Assistant (Junior ladies)
14Nebelhorn Trophy 2014Oberstdorf2014-09-24Assistant (Senior men)
156th Rooster cupCourbevoie2014-04-24Specialist (Cubs girls)
Assistant (Advanced novice girls)
16World Championship 2014Saitama2014-03-24Assistant (Senior ladies)
1714th Crystal SkateBrasov2013-10-24Assistant (Senior ladies, Senior men)
18Cup of Nice 2013Nice2013-10-23Specialist (Junior ladies)
19JGP Tallinn Cup 2013Tallinn2013-10-09Assistant (Junior ladies)
20Master's de Patinage 2013Orléans2013-10-03Specialist (Senior ladies, Senior men, Junior men, Junior ladies)
215th Rooster cupCourbevoie2013-04-25Specialist (Advanced novice girls)
Assistant (Cubs girls, Chicks boys)
22French Youth Championships 2013Reims2013-03-09Specialist (Silver girls, Silver boys, Bronze boys 2, Bronze girls 2)
Assistant (Silver boys, Silver girls, Bronze boys 1, Bronze girls 1)
23French Championships 2012Strasbourg2012-12-13Specialist (Senior ladies, Senior men)
Assistant (Senior ladies)
24Cup of Nice 2012Nice2012-10-24Specialist (Junior men)
254th Rooster cupCourbevoie2012-04-26Specialist (Advanced novice boys)
Assistant (Advanced novice girls, Cubs girls)
26Cup of Nice 2011Nice2011-10-26Specialist (Senior ladies)
27Master's de Patinage 2011Orléans2011-10-06Specialist (Senior men, Senior ladies, Junior ladies, Junior men)
28JGP Volvo CupRiga2011-08-31Specialist (Junior men)
2911th Crystal SkateBrasov2010-11-18Specialist (Senior ladies)
Assistant (Senior men)
30JGP John Curry Memorial 2010Sheffield2010-09-29Assistant (Junior ladies)
31JGP Torun CupTorun2009-09-09Assistant (Junior ladies)
32JGP Czech Skate 2008Ostrava2008-09-17Assistant (Junior ladies)
33Four Continents Championships 2007Colorado Springs2007-02-07Assistant (Senior ladies)
34JGP Harghita Cup 2006Miercurea Ciuc2006-09-21Specialist (Junior ladies)
35Cup of Russia 2005St. Petersburg2005-11-24Specialist (Senior ladies)
Assistant (Senior men)