FIN Finland
1Youth Olympics 2020Lausanne2020-01-10Specialist (Junior men)
Assistant (Junior ladies)
2Finnish Championships 2019Kouvola2018-12-14Assistant (Senior ladies, Senior men)
3Finnish Championships 2018Vantaa2017-12-15Specialist (Senior ladies)
Assistant (Senior men)
4Grand Prix and Junior Grand Prix Final 2017Aichi2017-12-06Specialist (Senior men, Junior men)
5World Team Trophy 2017Tokyo2017-04-20Specialist (Senior men)
6Finnish Championships 2017Tampere2016-12-16Specialist (Senior ladies, Senior men)
Assistant (Junior ladies, Junior men)
7World Championship 2016Boston2016-03-26Specialist (Senior ladies)
8Finnish Novice Championships 2016Vierumäki2016-03-11Specialist (Silver girls)
9Kinoshita Group Medal Winners Open 2016Kanagawa2016-01-15Specialist (Senior ladies)
Assistant (Senior men)
10Finnish Championships 2016Mikkeli2015-12-18Specialist (Senior men)
Assistant (Senior ladies)
11Finlandia Trophy 2015Espoo2015-10-08Specialist (Senior ladies)
12Grand Prix and Junior Grand Prix Final 2014Barcelona2014-12-10Specialist (Senior ladies, Junior ladies)
13Skate Canada Autumn Classic 2014Barrie, Ontario2014-10-15Specialist (Senior men)
Assistant (Senior ladies)
14Finnish Championships 2014Espoo2013-12-13Assistant (Senior ladies)
15NHK Trophy 2013Tokyo2013-11-08Specialist (Senior men)
Assistant (Senior ladies)
16Kinoshita Group Cup Japan Open 2013Saitama2013-10-05Specialist (Senior men)
Assistant (Senior ladies)
17World Championship 2013London2013-03-11Specialist (Senior men)
18Cup of China 2012Shanghai2012-11-02Specialist (Senior ladies, Senior men)
19JGP Zagreb 2012Zagreb2012-10-03Specialist (Junior ladies)
20World Team Trophy 2012Tokyo2012-04-18Specialist (Senior men)
Assistant (Senior ladies)
21Four Continents Championships 2012Colorado Springs2012-02-07Specialist (Senior ladies)
22JGP Innsbruck 2011Innsbruck2011-09-28Specialist (Junior men)
23World Championship 2011Moscow2011-04-24Specialist (Senior men)
24Finnish Championships 2011Turku2010-12-17Specialist (Senior ladies)
Assistant (Senior men)
25Grand Prix and Junior Grand Prix Final 2010Beijing2010-12-08Specialist (Senior men, Junior men)
26JGP Cup of Austria 2010Graz2010-09-16Specialist (Junior men)
27Olympics 2010Vancouver2010-02-12Specialist (Senior men)
28Grand Prix and Junior Grand Prix Final 2009Tokyo2009-12-02Specialist (Senior men, Junior men)
29JGP Croatia 2009Zagreb2009-10-07Specialist (Junior ladies)
30World Championship 2009Los Angeles2009-03-22Specialist (Senior men)
31Finnish Novice Championships 2009Vierumäki2009-03-13Specialist (Advanced novice girls)
Assistant (Advanced novice boys)
32Finnish Championships 2009Helsinki2008-12-19Specialist (Senior men)
Assistant (Senior ladies)
33Grand Prix and Junior Grand Prix Final 2008Goyang City2008-12-10Specialist (Senior ladies, Junior ladies)
34JGP Courchevel 2008Courchevel2008-08-27Specialist (Junior ladies)
35World Championship 2008Göteborg2008-03-16Specialist (Senior ladies)
36Nordics 2008Reykjavík2008-02-07Specialist (Junior ladies)
Assistant (Novice girls)
37Finnish Championships 2008Rauma2007-12-07Specialist (Senior ladies)
Assistant (Junior men)
38Cup of Russia 2007Moscow2007-11-22Specialist (Senior ladies, Senior men)
39Cup of Nice 2007Nice2007-10-18Specialist (Senior men)
Assistant (Advanced novice boys)
40Finlandia Trophy 2007Vantaa2007-10-12Specialist (Senior ladies)
Assistant (Senior men)
41JGP Vienna CupVienna2007-09-12Specialist (Junior ladies)
42European Championship 2007Warsaw2007-01-22Specialist (Senior ladies)
43JGP Liberec 2006Liberec2006-10-19Specialist (Junior men)
44JGP Budapest 2006Budapest2006-08-31Specialist (Junior men)
45World Championship 2006Calgary2006-03-19Assistant (Senior men)
46European Championship 2006Lyon2006-01-17Assistant (Senior ladies)
47Trophée Eric Bompard 2005Paris2005-11-17Specialist (Senior ladies)
Assistant (Senior men)
48JGP Gdansk 2005Gdansk2005-10-12Specialist (Junior ladies)