Moscow (MOS)
RUS Russia
1Cup of Russia 2019Moscow2019-11-14Specialist (Senior pairs)
240th Volvo Open CupRiga2019-11-05Specialist (Senior pairs)
Assistant (Junior pairs, Advanced novice pairs)
3World Championship 2019Saitama City2019-03-18Assistant (Senior pairs)
4Open Ice Mall Cup 2019Eilat2019-02-20Specialist (Junior ladies, Junior men)
Assistant (Senior men, Senior ladies, Senior pairs, Junior pairs)
5Russian-Chinese Winter Games 2018Ufa2018-12-14Assistant (Junior men)
637th Volvo Open CupRiga2018-11-06Specialist (Senior pairs, Junior pairs, Advanced novice pairs)
Assistant (Junior men)
7Skate America 2018Everett2018-10-19Specialist (Senior pairs)
8Kaunas Ice Winter Cup 2018Kaunas2018-02-09Specialist (Cubs boys, Chicks girls 1, Beginner girls 1)
Assistant (Junior ladies, Basic novice B girls, Basic novice A girls, Basic novice A boys)
9Open Ice Mall Cup 2018Eilat2018-01-31Specialist (Junior ladies)
Assistant (Advanced novice boys, Advanced novice girls)
10Open Ice Mall Cup 2018 Non ISUEilat2018-01-31Specialist (Basic novice B girls, Basic novice A girls, Springs boys, Springs girls, Cubs girls 2, Cubs boys, Chicks boys, Chicks girls 2, Pre-chicks boys)
Assistant (Chicks girls 1, Beginner boys, Beginner girls 1, Beginner girls 4, Beginner girls 3, Beginner girls 5, Beginner girls 2)
11Russian Junior Championships 2018Saransk2018-01-23Specialist (Junior pairs)
12Cup of Russia 2017Moscow2017-10-20Assistant (Senior pairs)
13Open Ice Mall Cup 2017Eilat2017-02-23Specialist (Basic novice B boys, Basic novice B girls, Basic novice A boys, Basic novice A girls, Cubs girls 2, Cubs boys, Chicks girls 2, Beginner girls 2, Beginner girls 1, Beginner girls 3, Beginner boys)
Assistant (Junior men, Junior ladies 2, Junior ladies 1, Novice girls, Springs girls, Springs boys, Cubs girls 1, Chicks girls 1, Chicks boys, Pre-chicks boys)
14Warsaw Cup 2016Warsaw2016-11-17Assistant (Senior men)
15Tallinn Trophy International 2015Tallinn2015-11-18Specialist (Junior ladies 1)
Assistant (Junior men)
16Tallinn Trophy Interclub 2015Tallinn2015-11-18Specialist (Chicks boys 2, Chicks girls 2, Chicks girls 3, Chicks girls 1, Chicks boys 1)
17Tallinn Trophy 2015Tallinn2015-11-17Assistant (Senior men)
18Rostelecom Crystal Skate 2014Odintsovo2014-04-25Specialist (Advanced novice boys 2)
Assistant (Advanced novice girls 2)
19Kaunas Ice Winter Cup 2012Kaunas2012-02-18Specialist (Basic novice B boys, Basic novice B girls, Basic novice A girls, Basic novice A boys)
Assistant (Junior ladies, Advanced novice boys, Advanced novice girls, Springs girls, Cubs girls, Chicks girls, Chicks boys)