Moscow (MOS)
RUS Russia
1Russian Championship 2021Chelyabinsk2020-12-23Controller (Senior ice dance)
Judge (Senior ladies)
2Winter Star 2020 ISUMinsk2020-12-11Controller (Senior ice dance, Junior ice dance)
3Cup of Russia 2020Moscow2020-11-20Referee (Senior ladies)
Judge (Senior pairs, Senior ice dance)
4Ice Star 2020Minsk2020-10-29Referee (Senior ladies, Junior men)
Controller (Senior men, Senior ice dance, Junior ice dance)
Judge (Junior men)
5Four Continents Championships 2020Seoul2020-02-04Controller (Senior ice dance)
6Russian Championship 2020Krasnoyarsk2019-12-24Controller (Senior ice dance)
Judge (Senior ladies)
761st Grand Prix of BratislavaBratislava2019-12-13Controller (Junior ice dance)
8Cup of Russia 2019Moscow2019-11-14Controller (Senior ice dance)
9Cup of China 2019Chongqing2019-11-07Controller (Senior men)
10Skate America 2019Las Vegas2019-10-17Judge (Senior ladies, Senior ice dance)
11Shanghai Trophy 2019Shanghai2019-10-03Judge (Senior ladies, Senior pairs)
12Egna Spring Trophy 2019Egna2019-03-28Referee (Junior men, Junior ladies, Junior pairs, Advanced novice boys, Basic novice boys)
Controller (Senior ladies, Senior men, Advanced novice girls 1)
Judge (Junior men, Junior ladies, Junior pairs, Advanced novice boys, Basic novice boys)
13Winter Universiade 2019Krasnoyarsk2019-03-02Controller (Senior ice dance)
14Open Ice Mall Cup 2019Eilat2019-02-20Referee (Junior ladies)
Controller (Senior ice dance, Junior ice dance)
15European Championship 2019Minsk2019-01-15Controller (Senior men)
16Russian Championship 2019Saransk2018-12-21Controller (Senior ice dance)
Judge (Senior ladies)
1760th Grand Prix of BratislavaBratislava2018-12-14Controller (Junior ice dance)
18Grand Prix and Junior Grand Prix Final 2018Vancouver2018-12-05Judge (Senior ladies, Senior ice dance, Junior ladies, Junior ice dance)
19Cup of Russia 2018Moscow2018-11-16Judge (Senior ladies)
20Grand Prix Helsinki 2018Helsinki2018-11-02Judge (Senior men, Senior ice dance)
21Skate Canada 2018Laval2018-10-26Controller (Senior ice dance)
22European Championship 2018Moscow2018-01-15Judge (Senior ladies)
23Russian Championship 2018St.Petersburg2017-12-21Controller (Senior ice dance)
Judge (Senior ladies)
24Grand Prix and Junior Grand Prix Final 2017Aichi2017-12-06Controller (Senior men, Junior men)
25Skate America 2017Lake Placid2017-11-24Judge (Senior ladies, Senior ice dance)
26Cup of Russia 2017Moscow2017-10-20Judge (Senior ladies)
27Finlandia Trophy 2017Espoo2017-10-06Judge (Senior ladies)
28Russian Championship 2017Chelyabinsk2016-12-20Controller (Senior ice dance)
Judge (Senior ladies)
29Grand Prix and Junior Grand Prix FinalMarseille2016-12-07Judge (Senior men, Junior men, Junior ladies)
30Cup of China 2016Beijing2016-11-18Judge (Senior ladies, Senior ice dance)
31Cup of Russia 2016Moscow2016-11-04Judge (Senior ice dance)
32Skate America 2016Chicago2016-10-21Controller (Senior ladies, Senior men)
33JGP Ljubljana Cup 2016Ljubljana2016-09-21Controller (Junior men)
34Team Challenge Cup 2016Spokane2016-04-22Judge (Senior ladies 3, Senior men 3, Senior men 2, Senior ladies 2, Senior men 1, Senior ladies 1)
35European Championship 2016Bratislava2016-01-25Judge (Senior ice dance)
36Russian Championship 2016Ekaterinburg2015-12-23Controller (Senior ice dance)
Judge (Senior ladies)
37Grand Prix and Junior Grand Prix Final 2015Barcelona2015-12-09Judge (Senior men, Senior ice dance, Junior men, Junior ice dance)
38NHK Trophy 2015Nagano2015-11-26Judge (Senior ladies, Senior ice dance)
39Cup of Russian 2015Moscow2015-11-19Judge (Senior ice dance)
40JGP Zagreb 2015Zagreb2015-10-07Controller (Junior ladies)
41JGP Linz 2015Linz2015-09-09Controller (Junior men)
42World Championship 2015Shanghai2015-03-23Judge (Senior ladies)
43Russian Junior Championships 2015Yoshkar-Ola2015-02-04Judge (Junior men)
44European Championship 2015Stockholm2015-01-26Judge (Senior ice dance)
45Russian Championship 2015Sochi2014-12-24Controller (Senior men)
46Grand Prix and Junior Grand Prix Final 2014Barcelona2014-12-10Judge (Senior men, Senior ice dance, Junior men, Junior ice dance)
47Cup of Russia 2014Moscow2014-11-14Judge (Senior ice dance)
48Skate America 2014Chicago2014-10-23Judge (Senior ladies, Senior pairs)
49Ice Star 2014Minsk2014-10-17Judge (Senior ladies, Junior men, Junior ladies, Advanced novice boys, Advanced novice girls)
50Nebelhorn Trophy 2014Oberstdorf2014-09-24Judge (Senior men, Senior ice dance)
51Rostelecom Crystal Skate 2014Odintsovo2014-04-25Referee (Advanced novice girls 1)
52Olympics 2014Sochi2014-02-07Judge (Senior ice dance)
53European Championship 2014Budapest2014-01-13Judge (Senior ice dance)
54Russian Championship 2014Sochi2013-12-22Judge (Senior men)
55Cup of Russia 2013Moscow2013-11-22Judge (Senior ladies, Senior ice dance)
56Cup of China 2013Beijing2013-11-01Judge (Senior men, Senior ice dance)
57Ice Star 2013Minsk2013-10-18Controller (Senior men, Junior men, Advanced novice boys)
Judge (Senior ladies, Junior ladies)
58World Championship 2013London2013-03-11Judge (Senior ice dance)
59European Championship 2013Zagreb2013-01-23Judge (Senior ice dance)
60Russian Championship 2013Sochi2012-12-24Controller (Senior ladies)
61Grand Prix and Junior Grand Prix Final 2012Sochi2012-12-06Judge (Senior ice dance, Junior ice dance)
62Cup of Russia 2012Moscow2012-11-08Judge (Senior ice dance)
63Skate America 2012Seattle2012-10-19Judge (Senior men, Senior ice dance)
64Nebelhorn Trophy 2012Oberstdorf2012-09-26Judge (Senior ladies, Senior ice dance)
65Ice Star 2012Minsk2012-09-06Controller (Senior ladies)
66World Team Trophy 2012Tokyo2012-04-18Judge (Senior ladies, Senior ice dance)
67European Championship 2012Sheffield2012-01-23Judge (Senior ice dance)
68Russian Championship 2012Saransk2011-12-24Controller (Senior ladies)
69Grand Prix and Junior Grand Prix Final 2011Quebec City2011-12-07Judge (Senior ladies, Senior ice dance, Junior ladies, Junior ice dance)
70Trophée Eric Bompard 2011Paris2011-11-17Judge (Senior men, Senior ice dance)
71Cup of China 2011Shanghai2011-11-03Judge (Senior men, Senior ice dance)
72World Championship 2011Moscow2011-04-24Judge (Senior men)
73World Junior Championship 2011Gangneung2011-02-27Judge (Junior men)
74Bavarian Open 2011Oberstdorf2011-02-09Judge (Senior men, Senior ladies, Senior pairs, Senior ice dance, Junior men 1, Junior men 2, Junior pairs, Junior ice dance)
75Cup of Russia 2010Moscow2010-11-18Judge (Senior ice dance)
76Cup of China 2010Beijing2010-11-04Judge (Senior ladies, Senior ice dance)
77JGP Pokal der Blauen Schwerter 2010Dresden2010-10-06Judge (Junior ice dance)
78Olympics 2010Vancouver2010-02-12Judge (Senior ladies)
79European Championship 2010Tallinn2010-01-18Judge (Senior ladies)
80Russian Championship 2010St. Petersburg2009-12-23Referee (Senior ladies)
81Skate Canada 2009Kitchener2009-11-19Judge (Senior pairs)
82Cup of Russia 2009Moscow2009-10-22Judge (Senior men)
83JGP Lake Placid 2009Lake Placid2009-09-02Judge (Junior men)
84World Junior Championship 2009Sofia2009-02-22Judge (Junior men)
85NHK Trophy 2008Tokyo2008-11-27Judge (Senior ladies)
86Skate Canada 2007Quebec City2007-11-01Judge (Senior men)
87Nebelhorn Trophy 2007Oberstdorf2007-09-27Judge (Senior men)
88JGP Vienna CupVienna2007-09-12Judge (Junior men)
89Winter Universiade 2007Torino2007-01-17Judge (Senior men, Senior pairs)
90Nebelhorn Trophy 2005Oberstdorf2005-09-29Judge (Senior ladies, Senior pairs)